There are three types of inspections that are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or FMCSR. Here at Kansas Truck Driving school we will teach you all three types of Inspections with an emphasis on the Pre-Trip inspection which will need to be demonstrated at the Department of Motor Vehicles before obtaining your class A CDL.

#1 Pretrip Inspection (Section 396.13 of the FMCSR). This inspection is performed before taking your vehicle on the road. Doing a pretrip inspection allows you to identify class8problems that could cause a breakdown or accident.


#2 On-the-road or en-route inspection (Section 392.9 of the FMCSR). Watch your vehicle’s gauges for signs of problems. Check all critical items each time you stop, including tires, wheels and rims, brakes, lights, electrical and air connections to the trailer, trailer coupling devices, and class11cargo securement devices.


#3 Post-trip inspection (Section 396.11of the FMCSR). A post-trip inspection is conducted at the end of your day’s work on the vehicle you are operating. This inspection includes filling out a driver vehicle inspection report, listing any problems you may have discovered. This report helps a motor carrier make necessary repairs before the vehicle returns to the road.

Below you will view a video that gives a partial Pre-Trip inspection.