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Kansas Truck Driving School is now enrolling!

You can earn your CDL in as little as 5 weeks. Training, testing, and driving is all done right here at our headquarters. Kansas Truck Driving School will prepare you for the trucking industry, and you will learn the skills and knowledge to become a Professional Truck Driver.

“Our mission is to graduate safe, courteous, professional drivers with optimal driving skills. Kansas Truck Driving School emphasizes maximum safety standards as outlined by the State of Kansas and the Federal laws governing the industry. Graduates will learn the proper techniques of driving along with defensive driving in accordance with DOT Rules and Regulations. Our goal is to graduate drivers that will exemplify safety, courtesy, and professionalism as a priority on our nation’s highways.”

The Kansas Truck Driving School has the approval of several major area transportation companies, and has been approved by the Kansas Board of Regents. This facility has not applied for Accreditation.

Kansas Truck Driving School utilizes a 5 week program in which the students will receive 200 hours of training. Classes begin at 8:00 A. M. and end at 4:30 P. M. Monday through Friday with ½ hour off for lunch. Make up days may be scheduled as needed. The first four days we will study and test for learning permits. The remainder of the program will consist of 2-4 hours of classroom study and up to 4-6 hours of driving time. Students will learn the skills of highway driving, backing, handling, and defensive driving. There will be presentations by the Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Department of Transportation, and several other organizations during the 5 week period.

Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate will be awarded by the Kansas Truck Driving School. To successfully complete the program, the student must attend or make up all classes, complete all assignments and meet all the requirements of the State of Kansas for Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers. Final testing for graduation and completion of the program is done when the student passes the State of Kansas C.D.L. driving test.

Financial aid available through the school? Financial aid available through the school is coming, but also check with various state agencies in your home state for programs to assist you in paying tuition. In Kansas you can check with Heartland Works, WIA, Workforce Development, Unemployment Office, VA, SRS, and Vocational Rehab. Other states have similar programs; check with your nearest employment office.


Classroom                                          Driving and Road Skills
Orientation                                           Pre/Post Trip Inspection
CDL Permit Study                                Coupling – Uncoupling
Highway Watch                                    Straight Backing
Job Procurement                                 Blindside Backing
Log Book/Hours of Service                  Defensive Driving Skills
Railroad Crossing Safety                     Lane Changing
Map Reading                                       Uphill/Downhill Techniques
DOT Regulations                                 90 Degree Backing
Extreme Driving Conditions                  Parallel Parking
Hazard Perception                               City, Rural, & Intrastate Driving
Accident Reports                                 Day & Night Driving
Night Operations                                 Shifting & Double Clutching
Time Management Balance                 Skid Control
Weight and Load Distribution              Turns
Hazard Perception
Entrance & Exit Ramps
Space Management

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